Dr. Susan J. Fisher

Susan J. Fisher, Psy.D., a licensed psychologist, has over 20 years of counseling experience with individuals and couples. Dr. Fisher has studied Past Life Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Morris Netherton, Dr. Roger Woolger and Dr. Winifred Lucas.

Dr. Fisher is certified through both the Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience (AAPLE) and International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT).  Dr. Fisher is board certified in hypnotherapy and hypnosis.  She is a member of the referral boards of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT) and Dr. Brian Weiss.

A consultant, lecturer and teacher of Past Life Therapy, Dr. Fisher has trained medical professionals, clergy, and psychotherapists.   She is currently writing a book based upon her Past Life Regression work.


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