Why should I choose you over other past life therapists?

I am a clinical psychologist. I have done years of study and research in the area of regression and past life therapy. I have studied with pioneers in the field, such as Brian Weiss, Roger Woolger, Morris Netherton, and Winafred Lucas and I am certified by each of them..

I am also certified in past life therapy through the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). I am a member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT). I am also board certified in hypnosis/hypnotherapy and a member of the Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Do you have to believe in past lives to do this work?

A belief in past lives is not required to do the work or benefit from the work. The mind can heal in many ways. Whether you classify what you come up with as past lives, metaphor, symbol, fantasy, or even from the Collective Unconscious, you can heal and change from what your mind gives you.

Do you really relive past lives?

People are different in their experience. Some people relive the life fully; others may get the story but only relive it through one or more senses. Sometimes people get the life partially felt at first, but experience it more fully the next time through. Fully re-experiencing past lives is not necessarily a requirement for healing.

Do I have to be hypnotized?

You can decide how you want to do the sessions. Some people chose to be hypnotized and some chose to use a bridging method (using a physical symptom, words, or an emotion) to get into an altered state. Either way, you remain alert, aware and in control. Both ways can get you to the needed information.

Will I remember what happens during the session?

Absolutely. During the session you are in an altered state, but you are alert and aware. You respond and interact with the therapist. You will remember everything you say and experience, and everything that is said to you.

How does past life therapy tie in with my life now?

When you die, your soul can carry away with it promises, beliefs, attitudes, physical symptoms, and/or attachments that are brought into this lifetime to work through. After locating and working through a certain past lifetime, it is important to understand the carryover to your current lifetime in relation to the patterns of symptoms, behaviors, relationships, and illnesses. With the processing and integration of your past life issues, your present life can change.

Will it cure me of my problems?

There are no guarantees, of course. But, most people experience change, even as soon as the first session. This work can also continue eliciting change long after the sessions stop. If you complete the work, you can walk away with your phobia gone, your depression lifted, your relationship patterns shifted, your symptom relieved, etc.

Is it real or just my imagination?

Some people finish a session and say, "I think I just made it up." It does no good to argue the validity of a past life - it just takes time away from the real work. As in Question #1, it does not matter whether you view it as real or symbol or fantasy. The mind will bring up information that will help you heal.

Some clients have remembered actual names. Some clients have validated that the person they remembered in session actually existed. Some clients have traveled to the place of the past life and were able to know where to go or to identify familiar locations. Although that is not the goal, it was important to them. Again, the work is with what your mind brings forward. Most people have ordinary lives that cannot be proven. Healing occurs anyway.

How many sessions will I need?

In general, people work with me an average of three to ten sessions. Occasionally, someone will achieve what they want in one session. Sometimes people stay longer if they have many issues they want to work through or the healing process is complex.

How long does a session last?

A session is two hours in length. The first session is about one hour talking about what you want to accomplish or heal, plus some of your current history. Then the second hour is a regression. Subsequent sessions are less talking and more regression, although integration time is important.

How is this therapy different from others?

Past Life Therapy differs from other types of therapy because of its quick access to your entire past history and issues. People report accessing issues and healing experiences in just a few sessions that they have not gotten to in years of other types of therapy.

Will I find out I was Cleopatra, Atilla the Hun, Jack the Ripper?

You could possibly find out that you were someone quite famous. Many find out they were poor or peasants or just common folk. It does not require being someone famous to help you heal. Ordinary lives have lessons too.

How fast can I expect change?

Change can actually begin during the session. Although change can occur immediately, some have reported change still occurring in their lives as much as one year later. People are individual in their speed of processing.

Can I use this process to retrieve forgotten memories in this life?

Certainly. Regression can be used to access experiences from the current moment backwards. There is no requirement as to what time period you must use.

Can I work with you even if I don't live in Los Angeles?

A tremendous amount of work can be accomplished in a short, intensive burst. I have clients that fly in and stay in a hotel and see me daily for a week. This series may satisfy your current needs, or you may wish to come back for another week at a later date.
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